♥Who Am I?♥

♥Hey Guys, I thought today I would try something a little different and a little more personal on the blog. I would really appreciate some feedback on this post as it is a little different from my normal stuff♥

Who Am I?

This is a question that we all get asked a lot in many different situations whether it is asked directly or by people asking a few little questions to get to know you. I always find it hard to describe who I am as I feel this changes a lot of the time depending on what kind of day you catch me on.

You see if you catch me on a day where I feel on top of the world and I am in a genuinely good mood then, I am a strong independent woman who is just navigating the world one day at a time to make my dreams come true. I am a girl who loves romantic classic novels and loves spending time in quirky little bookshops and spending as much time with my friends as humanly possible.

Whereas if you catch me on a day where everything has all gotten a little too much for me I am a quiet student who truthfully has no idea what she wants to do with her life and whether or not she will get there anyway. I am a girl who struggles to find time to read her favourite book because she feels like she is drowning in her work and other people’s opinion. I am a girl who can’t spend time with the people she loves because that would mean putting a downer on their mood.

So you see this question for me is hard to answer but after looking at this question on a page for about an hour I have decided who I am or at least who I am right now.

In this case I am all the above, I like to see myself as a strong independent women who knows what she wants in life and will stop at nothing to make sure she has the life she deserves but I am also the girl who truthfully changes her mind so many times about who she wants to be that it is all a blur. As a student, you are made to look at where you want to be in the future especially career wise but I have come to the conclusion that whilst you are drowning in coursework all you want to be is free and organised. For me, this makes it easier to say that it is okay to take five minutes away from everything and be my favourite version of me.

This for me normally means sitting in a cafe or a corner of my room with a cup of tea and a favourite book all the work and the rest of everything else can wait for tomorrow. My favourite me is the girl who can go and take a walk down the river and take five minutes out of my day to notice the little things around me that make me happiest. My favourite me is the girl who knows that no matter what I decide to do with my future it has to be my decision and for me so it is more than okay to make the decision at a later date about who I am!

♥So tell me who are you?

Love always


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