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♥Blogmas Ideas- Blogmas day 20♥

♥Hello my little chickens♥

I apologise for the lack of what my Blogmas has been this year, I started so strong but I had to take a break to get myself back to the place I needed to be for myself. I thought to myself to start Blogmas back up again with only five days to go till the big day I would create a list of blogmas post ideas for those wanting to start next year.

  1. Winter lipstick collection/colours
  2. Advent calendars guide
  3. Favourite holiday scents
  4. Festive candles review
  5. A guide to your local Christmas market
  6. New Christmas decorations haul
  7. Favourite festive recipes
  8. Christmas game ideas for the family
  9. Christmas cocktails
  10. Festive nail ideas
  11. Write your own letter to Santa!
  12. Favourite festive films
  13. Homemade festive hot chocolate recipe
  14. Festive playlist
  15. LUSH Christmas range/product reviews
  16. Your own Christmas traditions
  17. Secret Santa gift ideas guide
  18. A collection of your favourite Blogmas posts by other bloggers
  19. Stocking filler gift ideas
  20. Childhood Christmas memories
  21. Christmas gift ideas for him
  22. Christmas gift ideas for her
  23. Christmas on a budget
  24. What are your favourite things about Christmas?
  25. Blogmas ideas posts

Here is a list of 25 blogmas ideas. I hope you enjoyed blogmas day 20. leave some of your ideas down below in the comments.

Love Always,


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