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♥The Winter Tag – Blogmas day 7♥

♥Happy Saturday♥

I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend and are all getting into the Christmas spirit! I definitely am crazy Christmas lady has made a full appearance. I thought today we would keep it very simple and do a little winter tag. I hope you enjoy!

What are your favourite things about winter?

I love the fact that everything is so pretty and obviously the fact it means Christmas is on its way… this also means that the Christmas lights are up all over London. These are definitely my guilty pleasure. Can not help but feel part of a movie walking through them.

What is your favourite winter outfit?

This time of year I tend to fall back in love with skirts and knitted thick tights with little ankle boots or my knee-high boots, with a long coat.

What is your favourite winter food?

Mince pies 100% especially my nan’s homemade ones… but I also love the little markets that come about this time of the year with the most amazing foods.

Favourite winter drink?

Normally it would be the black forest hot chocolate from Costa Coffee but this year they have brought out an orange hot chocolate… it is the most amazing thing ever!

What is your dream way to spend a winter’s day?

I have two answers for this.. if I was planning a winter’s day out it would have to be a trip into London for some ice skating and then lunch somewhere before a trip to as many Christmas markets as physically possible.

How do you like to do your makeup in the winter?

I tend to go for a golden eye and a red lip!

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

I am hoping as geeky as this sounds for some of the penguin cloth collection books! Also, I would love some of the body shop Christmas collection.

What is your favourite winter memory?

Walking my little dog around the park with my mumma on Christmas eve before we went home and watched the Muppets Christmas Carol.

What is your favourite winter scent?

Apple and cinnamon or mulled wine candles

Finish this sentence… If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be…

To have my whole family together under one roof.

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