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♥My Favourite Christmas Films: Blogmas day 1 ♥

♥Welcome to the first post of blogmas 2018♥

It’s finally here my little babies my favourite time of the year. I have decided that I am going to try and be more committed to blogmas this year. SO LET’S GIVE THIS A GO. For blogmas day one, I thought I would talk you guys through my top 10 favourite films. So let’s jump right into this.

1. Elf

Now, this is not a surprise to anyone who knows me because anyone who knows me will tell you that I know this film off by heart and word for word. In my second year, we got to go to New York on a trip and I was more excited about visiting central park to point out the places used in ELF than anything else. I am also a sucker for a romance story and this just happens to be one of my favourite Christmas romances. 


This film worms its way into my heart every year that it is watched and I can not tell you how much I love this film and also stars one or two of my favourite actors and actresses. Of course, Love Actually would get a mention on my Christmas Top 10. Who doesn’t want to follow a bunch of strangers falling in and out of love on Christmas? And no one and I mean no one no matter if they want to admit it doesn’t want to see HUGH GRANT dance around to JUMP… NO ONE I TELL YOU. 

3. A Muppets Christmas Carol

Some of you are thinking, “Really?  A Muppets movie?”   HELL YES, a Muppets movie. This has been a family favourite since I can remember and a film I will be watching every year for years to come. This one got my attention.  Unlike many modern versions of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, this version didn’t strip Dickens’s story of its Christian content.  And how can you not like Statler and Waldorf at Fozziwig’s Christmas party? AND RIZZO THE RAT!!!


This is a film I can’t lie to you about that I will watch year round but feel it has so much more meaning and feeling to it at Christmas. Again a sucker for a bit of Christmas spirit and romance. I always love to watch this movie with my mum, some savoury snacks and a glass of wine. Maybe I’ll do an impromptu house swap with someone in America? Could use a little Christmas romance. 


Bridget soddin’ Jones is my spirit animal. These films are some of my favourites to watch Watching her battle through horrendous social scenarios while brandishing her infamous giant knickers and thoughtless mouth gives me so much hope. Christmas is the time for love new beginnings and Bridget’s diary is enough to motivate you to be a person, then, accept and be content with the wonderful person you already are. Remember, somebody loves you just the way you are. (even if they do wear the most horrendous reindeer jumpers). 


This film will always hold a special place in my life. It was the favourite Christmas film of an ex-best friend who holds a special place in my heart. In fact, I watched it so much that I broke my videotape of it. It’s been the theme of many a pumpkin carving sessions. Jack Skellington was also her first love. I love that you can start watching this film in October if you really wished. WHAT’S THIS… A two-season suitable film yes, please!!


Oh, this Jim Carrey classic is so good. I love watching it, singing along with Cindy Lou (who is a baby-faced Taylor Momsen FYI!).  This movie gives you all the feels as Baby Grinch experiences heartbreak for the first time. The Grinch is totally me throughout the entire year so it’s also a lovely reminder of what Christmas is all about. This is a Christmas Eve staple for me!  It’s a film that never fails to make me feel festive and show another reasoning behind being a Christmas freak. 


 They would play this for us in Assembly at Christmas time when I was in primary school in England. I also remember episodes and giveaways surrounding the short film on the Blue Peter show after school. It’ll forever be a firm favourite of mine! It is a truly beautiful film.

9. It’s a Wonderful Life 

Frank Capra’s classic movie starring James Stewart and Donna Reed, it is a movie about a man’s personal legacy and self-worth.  My darling best friend introduced me to this movie and it quickly became one of my favourites. An underrated masterpiece.

10. The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause is another festive comedy for the whole family to enjoy. This is one we definitely watch each year without fail. I love how Scott Calvin is just an ordinary man who reluctantly ends up becoming Santa after the previous one has an accident. Throughout the movie, Scott becomes more and more like Santa – belly, beard and all. It’s lovely how his strained relationship with his son blossoms as they become deeper involved in Scott’s new life as The Santa Clause. It is a feel-good family movie

SO that is it for Vlogmas Day 1! What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Love always – G x

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