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♥Blogmas Ideas- Blogmas day 20♥

♥Hello my little chickens♥ I apologise for the lack of what my Blogmas has been this year, I started so strong but I had to take a break to get myself back to the place I needed to be for myself. I thought to myself to start Blogmas back up again with only five days… Continue reading ♥Blogmas Ideas- Blogmas day 20♥

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♥ Top 10 Christmas songs: Blogmas day 3♥

♥Welcome to Blogmas day 3♥ Ah, the Christmas songs. Every year, around October, they slowly start to creep on over sound and PA systems as you browse through the clothing racks of your favourite shops. Love them or loathe them, we all have ones that stick out in our mind. (CHRISTMAS SONGS ARE MY FAVVVVVV)… Continue reading ♥ Top 10 Christmas songs: Blogmas day 3♥

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♥Blogmas Day 2 – Christmas Tag♥

♥Welcome to Blogmas day 2♥ For blogmas day 2, I decided to keep things simple and complete the Christmas tag. Enjoy xox  1. What's your favourite holiday movie(s)? You are likely to know this from my post yesterday if you have seen it but Elf is my number one favourite tied with love actually. I… Continue reading ♥Blogmas Day 2 – Christmas Tag♥

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♥My Favourite Christmas Films: Blogmas day 1 ♥

♥Welcome to the first post of blogmas 2018♥ It's finally here my little babies my favourite time of the year. I have decided that I am going to try and be more committed to blogmas this year. SO LET'S GIVE THIS A GO. For blogmas day one, I thought I would talk you guys through… Continue reading ♥My Favourite Christmas Films: Blogmas day 1 ♥