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What is Blogmas?


Hello my darlings,

It is the last day of november.. so I thought we should talk about how the next month is going to work on this blog. I will be trying my hardest to participate in Blogmas this year so we will have 24 posts over 24 days. So:

What is Blogmas?  

The best way to describe it is like an advent calendar for my blog. Every morning you wake up to a chocolate behind a fun Christmas-covered numbered door and every evening at 6pm you will be able to click my blog for a Christmas filled the post.

You’ve probably heard of VLOGMAS where Youtubers film their life between the 1st December up until the big day. BLOGMAS for me means 24 days and 24 posts fully packed and squished with Christmas.

The will range from christmas recipes, tips, tricks, ideas and diary entries on how I spend the most wonderful time of the year. And my favourite time of the year. Honestly ask anyone who knows me Christmas is like the one time of year I lose my s*** and overdose in festivities.

I know my blog hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday but the idea of BLOGMAS just sounds so appealing. I didn’t even decorate for Christmas last year. Mentally I wasn’t in the right place… SO this year is going to be Christmas overload.

All that means… is this year… I have some making up to do!


I’ve already planned and written some of my posts (quite possibly whilst I’m secretly watching Christmas movies… it’s not too early right?) and I just can’t wait to share them with you!

Make sure to follow my blog, twitter and follow me on my Instagram account! FOR ALL UPDATES ON EVERYTHING BLOGMAS AND CHRISTMAS CHEER

Are you doing BLOGMAS? Let me know and link me to your blog or YouTube!

Love Always – G x

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