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♥Unrequited Love♥

♥Happy Wednesday my loves♥ (on Wednesday’s we type in pink) 

So I thought today’s post could be a little more personal than some of my normal stuff. Now truthfully this is something that Popped into my head on Tuesday whilst sat in my local park reading a book and people watching. (there was a lot of couples this day). 

Now in a lot of romance books, they talk about unrequited love… now for anyone who doesn’t understand unrequited love here is a little definition I found “Unrequited love is Hell. All you do is spend your days thinking of someone who will never think of you. You’d do anything for that person, and they’ll do nothing for you. You can’t forget them, and there’s tearing you apart.” And this is so true it can apply to both friendships and relationships and it is something I have experienced myself. 

So here’s the little story of my experience of unrequited love (Be prepared to cringe out)… So this boy for this stories sake let’s call him Liam (not his actual name) and I started off as I would say very close friends ( I would class him as a best friend). We met in year 8 so almost 9 years ago and I have been mildly obsessed with him ever since. He is the first person I want to call when anything happens and the first person who pops into my head on a day to day basis. 

A couple of years ago we stopped talking when he got into a relationship, I was blocked on all social media and all forms of contact stopped. I have never felt so sick at the idea of not being able to speak to him on birthday’s, Christmas and just day to day, given that we used to speak daily.  

I will never say that I am in love or have loved someone because truthfully I don’t believe I have ever been in true love with anyone but I would say that he was (is) bloody close to someone I would say that I truly love. 

Have any of you guys been in love with someone that just never realised it? or your love has been unrequited? 

Let’s have a chat in the comments I would love to hear your stories of love, unrequited or not. 

Love Always – G x

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8 thoughts on “♥Unrequited Love♥

  1. Aww, that’s pretty crappy that he just stopped talking to you when he started a relationship. I am sure it was the new girlfriend being threatened and insecure about him having a female friend but sad nonetheless! I had crushes in high school that i am pretty sure did’t even know I exist but that’s about it.

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    1. I like to think that would be the reason but it does certainly suck when you miss them at stupid times of the day. And I am very sure we all had high-school crushes that would know us if we stood in front of us. The missing him thing is a working progress but nonetheless happy to see someone else has experienced this even in the smallest form


  2. This is such a sad story! I hope eventually he starts speaking to you again. I totally agree that it’s probably just his new girlfriend feeling insecure. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced unrequited love myself, but I’ve certainly read about it in books and it sounds horrendous! I’m keeping everything crossed that one day you and Liam will be speaking again 🙂


  3. I have a different case…the person I like calls me every day and can’t live a day without speaking with me, however, the person is certain they do not see a relationship with me and is better off being friends though I’ve been told that they cannot live without me, cherish my friendship. The person has a history of unstable relationships and friendships, however, the only reason this lasted for so long(in love for 20 years and deep close friendship for 6 years) is as I quote what the person said is – “Because I have not labeled this, we could last.” They are not physically attracted to me and hence it sucks that the people they are to do not treat them well or give them the understanding, support etc.
    I do not blame the person, but the same time unable to shake this “in my bones feeling” since 20 years that we are meant to be. Unable to decide if this is an extereme case of delusion or extreme confidence!

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